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About Angela Sun

Angela Sun graduated with her Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Michigan State University. While she received admission to top tier schools like MIT, she accepted a full scholarship at Michigan State University instead. She graduated in 3 years with both degrees combined, with a 4.0. Previously a Coke Scholar, Burger King Scholar, and Distinguished Young Woman, Angela has earned many distinguished accolades throughout the years. She personally earned a 2400 SAT and 36 ACT.

Angela understands that college admissions process is not purely intellectual but also a journey of personal and emotional development. Angela brings her experience with emotional counseling and integrates it with academic coaching to make the process enjoyable and engaging for students.

Angela Sun has successfully coached clients into colleges such as Columbia, Harvard, and MIT, and edited over 300 college admissions essays. Her experience as a fresh graduate with the most recent experience makes her a relatable and friendly coach. She previously worked as a Product Manager at Google. Angela lives in Santa Clara, CA.